Lost Dogs Run (LDR)

LDR Is A No-Kill Animal Rescue Organization,
Incorporated as a NC Public Charity on 2/24/14,
Public Charity 501(c)(3) Status Notified on 7/10/14.
Donations are Tax Deductable.

LDR Promotes Fostering by Individuals
of Unwanted Animals.

We Help Find Forever Homes,


Depending Upon Available Funds,
Help with Medical and Food Expenses
for 1 Year or Until Adopted!

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Please Protect your Dogs with Free Dog Tags - Contact Ron at ronstoessell@gmail.com

Please Help the Animals!

         LDR is a Non-Member Public Charity Corporation, with Directors and Foster/Volunteers, formed to Promote Animal Welfare.

         LDR is a No-Kill Rescue, not a Shelter.    No Kill means that animals are not euthanized unless truly aggressive towards people and other animals or have life-ending injuries and illness.    Heartworm positive dogs are put on inexpensive heartworm preventative (slow kill treatment for heartworms), eliminating them as a source of infection for heartworms.    This removes the "common Shelter excuse" for killing heartworm positive dogs.

         Although we strongly support spay and neuter, LDR is not just about fixing pets.    We formed in Cherokee County, NC to help keep Unwanted Animals out of Shelters.    Our Shelter experience has shown us that animals, like people, caged for long time periods generally become dysfunctional and are often subsequently euthanized.

         The Shelter alternative requires community involvment.    Compassionate Individuals foster animals until permanent homes can be found.    In this environment, dogs are humanely housed within a fenced yard and in a house with doggy doors, socialized with other animals and people, and are house-trained.    Dogs in a LDR program can not be crated or tied for more than a few hours.    We are not adverse to fostered dogs being allowed off leash in rural areas if they are not in danger from road traffic and neighbors, e.g., dogs on walks in the woods.    The fostering process eases the subsequent transition of the animal into permanent homes.

         LDR depends upon Individuals who find unwanted animals to foster them in our program while we help find homes and help, within our means, with their costs.    Individuals fostering unwanted animals can deduct their costs for animals from their income, through maintaining cash receipts and careful record-keeping, allowing LDR to verify the expenses were for the fostered animal.    Animals will be advertised on the national rescue animal sites such as PetFinder and locally on Facebook pages.    The Foster has a veto over any particular adoption of their fostered animal in an LDR Program; however, there is a one year time limit within the Program.    We will attempt to find Good "No-Kill" Rescues, generally in the Northeast where there is a shortage of strays, which can adopt the animal out locally in their area.    If an animal is accepted by one of these Rescues, and the Foster agrees, we will transport the animal to these Rescues.

        The LDR program is not limited to our local area of Southwest North Carolina.    Contact LDR if you are willing to provide "compassionate" fostering for an animal.    We can not and will not help you, if you are one of those people wanting to dump their animal or an animal that they found.

Lost Dogs Run Mailing Address
422 Crisp Rd
Murphy, NC 28906

Contact Ron Stoessell at ronstoessell@gmail.com

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