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         The three Directors of Lost Dogs Run are Ron Stoessell (President and Treasurer), Cindy White (Vice President and Secretary), and David Stoessell (Fundraiser Coordinator).    Ron and Cindy live in Murphy, NC, and David lives in Austin, Texas.   The Directors are Animal Advocates, not politically motivated Shelter and Rescue Advocates.    In our experiences in Animal Rescue, most Shelters and Rescues are consumed by political power struggles that are detrimental to the animals.    For this reason, LDR is a Non-Member Rescue and relies on Volunteers.

     "Old Steely Eye Dog" Ron Stoessell has worked as a Volunteer with the Valley River Humane Society Shelter and their Thrift Store in Murphy, NC, and has Volunteered and Served on the Boards of St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Tylertown, MS, and Logan's Run Rescue in Murphy, NC.  Ron Incorporated Logan's Run Rescue and Named it after Logan, his beloved King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, buried on Butler Mountain.  He presently Volunteers and Serves on the Board of The Delta Humane Society of Louisiana in Rayville, LA.  In the past he has helped fund all of these organizations and performed various duties for them.    Ron is a Research Professor Emeritus in Geochemistry from the University of New Orleans (Ron's Story).  He has 12 rescue dogs (December, 2016) at the "Howling Wolf" Cabin on the Little Easy: Jack, Traveler, Hershey, Billy Bob, Surfer, Buster Brown, Reddy, Gretchen, Shadow, Blue, Domino, and Pepper.  The dogs sitting with him in the left photo, from left to right, are Bandit, Lilly, Jack and Sundance.  Sundance, the stubborn rough-coat collie, passed from old age in 2015.  Ron is indebted to Melissa Marcum who helped start Lost Dogs Run.

     Cindy White is a "Georgia Peach", a retired teacher from Mobile, Alabama who grew up in South Georgia not far from the Florida line.  She has her Master's degree in Education.  In the past she has served on the Board of the Valley River Humane Society and worked with Ron as a volunteer at the VRHS Shelter putting the dogs on the web and on their Facebook page and helping transport.  Like Ron, she has a deep committment to improving the welfare of animals.   In the center picture she is in the center with volunteers Millie Beaver Shank (l) and Melissa Marcum (r) and some of the dogs in the "Rocking Bowl" on the Little Easy.  Cindy has one personal rescue dog, Missy a "sweet" pit bull shown in the front of the picture, and three LDR fosters (December, 2016): Montana, Socks, and Earl along with three rescue cats.  Sister, a "sweet" Labrador Retriever shown in the far back with the white face, was her rescue dog that passed from old age in May, 2015.  Clockwise from Missy, the dogs are Hershey, Junior, Sister, Billy Bob, Montana, Benny, and Jack.  Junior, a misguided angel, died from a dogfight in the fall of 2016.  Hershey, Billy Bob, and Jack live with Ron and Benny is Melissa's dog.

     "Not so-Young Iron Dog" David Stoessell is a MBA and a Professional Engineer.  He evaluates Commercial and Real Estate Projects for Buyers, and, unlike his "old man", has a knack for business, i.e., "overpaid".  Cindy and Ron are trying to break him in to doing Animal Rescue work by getting him involved in the crucial Fundraising aspect.  And he has helped keep us financially afloat.  We also hope to fill up his Austin home with numerous rescue animals.  In the picture on the right, Sasha, the "sassy" Belgium Shepherd on the far right, passed from kidney failure in August, 2014.  The other dogs from left to right are Hershey, Traveler, Jack, and Montana.

The Inspiration of Lost Dogs Run comes from Louisiana Highway 1088, described below on a cold winter morning.

Lost Dogs Run

This was a railroad line a hundred years ago
that carried the big logs south to Pontchartrain.
Now the big pines are long gone and all that remains
is black tar on the line where the tracks used to be.

That stretch on 1088, from the Big Road north to 36
cuts through the green slash and the pot holes where longleaf once grew.
No houses were built on this lonely road,
and not much moves but cars and dogs on Lost Dogs Run.

Just what do you do when you see a lost dog?
Do you look straight ahead and try not to think?
Does it bother you later that you didn't stop?
Do you wish you could go back to offer some help?

Our path is not certain or easy to see.
Decisions are made that cannot be undone.
We live in the present but the past is still there.
Inscribed in our thoughts for as long as we live.

Our lives run their course as our future fades away,
And all that is left are the deeds that we've done.
In the end it's not the money or the comfort we have,
but the good that we've done that makes us content.

So, what do you do when you see a lost dog?
Do you still pretend to yourself that you really don't care?
Or do you offer to help it find its own way?
Are you now one of us who no longer turns away?

Ron Stoessell
Searching for a Lost Litter He never Found
on Highway 1088
January 25, 2005

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