List of Adoptable Animals for Lost Dogs Run

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*****If interested in adopting, please click on the Adoption Application to open it and save it to your computer.
Then open the interactive form on your computer, complete it, and resave it to your computer.
Finally, email the saved completed form as an attachment to, and an LDR Representative will contact you shortly.
You can also call Ron Stoessell at 985-630-1613 (cell) or email him at*****

         Animals adopted must have a fenced yard and access to a house in a safe and loving environment.    References and a home visit are needed to approve an adoption.    All adoptions require a pre-adoption week-long visit at the new home to make sure the animal and family are compatible.    Animals adopted 6 months and older are fixed prior to adoption.    All animals adopted are dewormed and up to date on all necessary vaccines.    Dogs are also up-to-date on heartworm preventative.    They may be heartworm positive, if on the slow-kill cure procedure for heartworms using ivermectin and doxycycline, provided we feel confident that the new owners will continue the procedure.    Otherwise, they will have been treated to kill the heartworms with the conventional "arsenic-based" drug imiticide.    A tax-deductable donation of $150 is asked at the time of adoption.

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Input Date
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41 Teddy

black Labrador Retriever

Input Date
Teddy came from Gilmer Animal Control in Ellijay, GA as a 1-2 year old adult male dog. He was picked up near death from a dog fight (bait dog?) and taken to Copperhill Clinic in McCaysville where LDR adopted him two weeks later. Teddy is now a handsome dog with long black hair that covers the scars from his fight. He has fully recovered and is so sweet and affectionate with his foster Mom Cindy Mulkey. He looks like a miniature Newfoundland. Teddy is fully vetted b and weights less than 50 lbs. He tested a light hw positive and is currently on the slow-kill procedure of ivermectin and doxycycline. You couldn't find a better companion dog than Teddy. He is like velcro on Cindy. Please contact her at 828-557-4263 if you are interested in adopting him.
44 Chloe

Pit Bull

Input Date
Chloe is a beautiful 1 to 2 year old reddish-brown pit bull, full of energy and sweet as can be. LDR took her from the VRHS Shelter in Marble, NC. Chloe is fully vetted, in perfect health, house-trained and uses a doggy door. She is about 50 lbs and loves to play with other dogs and sleep on the bed. At night she will sleep in your arms. Chloe is non-aggressive and is a Beta dog. Call Ron Stoessell at 985-630-1613 if interested in adopting her or email him at
46 Maggie

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Input Date
Maggie is a beautiful 2 year old 50 lb Treeing Walker Coonhound who has been totally vetted, including being spayed and is heartworm negative. She came from the VRHS Shelter in Marble, NC. Maggie is house trained and non-aggressive in a pack of 9 adult dogs at her foster. At the Shelter she was a non-stop barker who climbed fences. After leaving the Shelter she has yet to climb a fence and usually only barks if she is excited about being fed. Maggie was hit by a vehicle in January, 2019, and her back right ankle was fused giving it limited movement. She walks on four legs but runs with a hop using both back legs. She has no problem getting around. She uses a doggy door and sleeps on the bed. This is a very cool, affectionate hound and would make a wonderful family pet. If you are interested in adopting her, please email Ron Stoessell at or call him 985-630-1613.
48 Deja Vu

Plott Hound

Input Date
Deja Vu is an absolutely gorgeous male, chocolate brindel, year and a half old, Plott Hound. He is tall and lanky, weighing 55 to 60 pounds. Deja was reported several times on FBas a stray wandering on the Martin's Creek and Caney Creek areas of Murphy, NC before Ron Stoessell found him on his driveway off Crisp Rd and took him into Lost Dogs Run. Deja is now neutered, fully vetted, heartworm negative, housebroken, very friendly and well socialized. An adopter needs to have a 5 ft fenced yard for him to be safe in and to have access to the house for sleeping, and to not be used for hunting. If interested, please contct Ron Stoessell at 985-630-1613 or at
50 Baby Blue

Siberian Huskey

Input Date
She is a beautiful blue-eyed 35 lb female (spayed) huskey mix (fully vetted and heartworm negative) who is probably 6 years old but acts like a young dog. Baby Blue was given up by her owner who was too ill to take care of her. She had previously lived outside on a chain 24/7 but is now living inside and is fully house-trained and uses a doggy door. She will return if left free outside. This is a lovable dog who wants to be with her human. She is a joy to be around and runs like a deer, often catching rabbits and squirrels. Her personality is a big plus because she loves life. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact Ron Stoessell at or call or text at 985-630-1613.
52 Buck

Siberian Huskey

Input Date
Buck is a handsome, blue eyed, three year old, neutered Siberian Huskey who was surrendered by his owner in Coker Creek, TN. His owner was a truck driver and could not look after him because of his job. He is heart worm negative and fully vetted. Buck will bond to a new owner and is affectionate and likes to play with balls. He is an alpha dog but presently lives in a 9 dog pack in my cabin without fighting with the main alpha dog, a large Plott Hound. He is house-trained and uses a doggy door, sleeping on a dog bed. Buck came in at 55 lbs and probably weighs 60 lbs today and is not expected to gain any more weight. He is good with people but does resemble a wolf in appearance. He will need a fenced yard for his own safety. If you are interested in adopting Buck, please call or text Ron Stoessell at 985-630-1613 or email him at